GONE Psalm 32

It hit me when I least expected it.  Let me explain.  At the funeral for a dear friend, her adult children spoke about what a super mom she truly was.  Very moving tributes.  But like a knife through my soul, I start feeling sad that I’ve been far less a parent than I could have been.  Even worse, far less a Christian than I or the Lord had hoped for.

Guilt surfaces.  Wish I could disappear.  But I don’t.  Even though it’s been decades of a growing relationship with Jesus along with fairly (!) faithful service to Him, it’s that time before that eats away at me.

The day after that funeral, I’m reading Psalm 32.  And there it is.  Smack dab in front of me.  God’s Word for a needy soul.  Me.  Whispering that I’m forgiven, which grabs my attention, being exactly what God does for those sorry as sorry can be.

Psalm 32: 1-2–‘Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.  Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not count against him…’  The biblical Hebrew uses three different words for sin.  ‘Transgressions’ in verse one refer to open rebellion against God.  ‘Sins’ in that verse mean turning away from God’s path.  In verse two ‘sin’ denotes distortion of the truth coupled with disrespect for God.

Taken together these three Hebrew words sum up our sinfulness rather well.  Cover the bases.  No exceptions or loopholes to squirm our way out of.

But we need none.  We’re forgiven.  Period.  Sins forgiven… and forgotten.  Slate wiped clean for those who are God’s own through faith in Jesus.

So, plug up your ears when Satan shouts recriminations at you.  Blinders on when you visualize bygone failures.  Be blessed and happy trusting God’s Word!

That’s the rub for me.  To concentrate on Jesus.  Putting Him first in my thoughts.  Intently listening to Him.  After all, He’s carried my sins away, even hurling them as far as far can be, where they can never come back to haunt me…or you.

Forgiveness.  Believe it or not.  No, believe Him!


Lord Jesus, in spite of everything tough in this life, I want to trust you.  Amen.  

One thought on “GONE Psalm 32

  1. Thank you, I identify with your opening statements. Thank you for the assurance of forgiveness through Jesus . the Lord bless you.

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