NO ONE’S HOME? 1 Kings 18

We fly Icelandair between Seattle, Washington and Manchester, England.  No-frills airline that rewards me with over a thousand bucks in my back pocket.  That gets my attention!  After a toxic encounter with the car rental people, off we go driving 100 miles to a 15th-century manor house in Droitwich, this side of Worchester.

Somehow, only with the Lord’s help, and I mean only, we arrive safe, sound and pooped-out.  The owner sails the seas off Spain and has a cleaning lady ready to meet us.  But where is she?  No one’s around.  This is the place, yet no one’s home.  Oy vay, already!

No place like home except when no one’s home!  Bags in hand, glazed-over eyes, and finally here she comes, Miss Twinkletoes, ambling along at a snail’s pace to open up ‘The Old Manor House’ for our 2 month stay.

Maybe Baal’s prophets feel something similar when they call out to him for a demonstration of his divine power when absolutely nothing happens (1 Kings 18: 16-39).  No lightning from the sky.  No cloudbursts.  No heavenly anything.  As if no one’s home.  Baal?  Have you bailed out on us?

What do they expect?  They’re crying out to diddly-squat and hot air.  Empty spaces, empty places.  Man-made void.  A big fat zero.  Comes as a surprise when they discover that no one’s home.  Shouldn’t have.  The Bible makes it crystal clear that there’s only one God.  There ain’t no mo’!

The Lord Yahweh is our all in all.  Love, mercy, forgiveness, kindness…on-and-on we go.  Don’t stop.  Thank Him for Himself.  Let your mind roam places of praise to your God.

He’s home to endless glory.  Always has been.  Always will be.  You can count on Him.  With Jesus in your life, what else do you need?


Lord, we press forward knowing you’re always with us.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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