Do yourself a favor by first reading this portion of Acts 12.  So, what do you think?  What grabs me is what I’ll do on rainy days.  What?  Hear me out!

Here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA we get lots of rain, at least west of the Cascade mountains.  Clouds blow in off the Pacific Ocean, heavily weighted with H2O.  Since bloated clouds can’t easily ascend over the mountains, they dump their moisture over us all winter long.  I exaggerate.  But only a little!

We become indoor people.  Not jailed but it may feel that way.  Cabin fever sets in.  Light deficiency a possibility.  Webbed feet grow.  Wet clothes hardly a rarity.

Life itself gets that way at times.  We feel hemmed in.  Pinned down in some nasty business.  Family trouble surfaces putting the kibosh on just about everything.  Money worries skyrocket.  Hurt feelings harvest a bumper crop of noxious weeds.

Rainy days set in.  Dark and depressing.  What to do?  Well, I suppose you’ve found ways of coping.  As in fighting back or fleeing the scene.  Usually, one or the other.  Actually, there’s another possibility–burying your head in the sand!  Not sure any of these coping mechanisms have much going for them.  I tend to fight back only to feel guilty for being a bully and a bother.  And you?

Back to Acts 12.  The Apostle Peter is in prison.  James, the brother of John, has met his end at the tip of a sword.  Peter figures he’s next.  Ominous clouds fill the sky.  Rainy days loom large.  A funnel cloud appears, shooting debris everywhere, destroying much in its path.

On this rainy day, the early church knows what to do.  Doubt anyone has to tell them.  They get right on their knees.  Turn to their Lord.  Pour out their hearts, trying as best they can to cast their burdens on Him.  Not easy… but to prayer they go.  As we must.

Even if our faith is teensy-weensy, rivalling the size of an itsy-bitsy mustard seed.  Not to worry.  God sees it.  Honors it.  Loves us.  Cares about our troubles and tiny faith.

Let Him have His way.  Move aside, so to speak.  Tell Him everything.  Hold back nothing.  Lean on your Lord.  Look up to Him.  Pray.  And see what Jesus makes of a rainy day!


Thank you, Jesus, for being so close to us.  Amen.

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