NO EXCESS BAGGAGE Revelation 14: 6-13

It’s true that we can’t take excess baggage to heaven.  I’ve heard that we can only escort other believers to glory.  Those we’ve influenced for Christ.  Hardly excess baggage!

Supposedly John D. Rockefeller’s accountant, when asked what the world’s richest man had left behind when old John D. died, responded by saying, ‘every last dime’.  Left it all behind.  Everything.  As we will.  Remember, no excess baggage.

After all, we won’t need anything.  Forget about that U-Haul truck behind your hearse.  Family, friends and the local Goodwill Store will divvy up our accumulated stuff.  What about my cherished library of biblical commentaries and complete Dickens’ works?  Chucked out with nary a tear?  My New York Yankees baseball card collection sold for a hefty sum?  Maybe?  Who knows?

But I’ve discovered that we can take much with us to heaven.  Really?  Like what.  None of those collectibles or monied assets, however.  Sorry to disappoint!  But something far better.  Revelation 14: 13–‘…Then I heard a voice from heaven say…they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.’  No excess baggage, but all that we do for Jesus, both big and small, significant or not, all deeds for Him, are taken with us to heaven.

Did you hear that?  We can take myriad acts of kindness through the pearly gates.  Like those mission dollars given so that the oppressed people of North Korea can hear about Jesus on their well-hidden radios.  And that cranberry bread hand-delivered to neighbors at Christmas.  Or a word of encouragement to your pastor.  And especially telling all your family and friends about a fabulous Saturday devotional that they too can access for free!  You can think of lots more, can’t you?

Nothing is wasted when done for Jesus.  They’re given legs to follow us all the way to heaven.  ‘…for their deeds will follow them.’  Now that’s something, indeed!

I can’t wait to do more for Him.  You too?  For brownie points?  No way.  Extra stars in your crown?  Hardly.  To be better than someone else?  Ixnay.  Then why?

For Jesus.  Of course.  To do something lasting for Him is all that really matters.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for life worth living.  Amen.

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