Math is not my long suit.  The only ‘D’ grade I ever earn is in Junior High Algebra.  ‘D’ doesn’t mean delightful.  More like dunderhead!  Forget about trigonometry or calculus.  Avoid both like the plague.

Even though I was a successful financial planner for twenty years, with over 800 clients, yet I couldn’t count worth beans.  Didn’t have to with computers and calculators.  That’s best for clients…for sure!  As I can’t count that high!

I notice the same about the poet who pens Psalm 71.  Look at verse 15–‘My mouth will tell of your righteousness, of your salvation all day long, though I know not its measure.’  The measurements– length and breadth, height and depth, of God’s saving work goes beyond measure.  See!  He can’t count that high either.

No one can.  Even though we hesitate to admit it, our knowledge is palpably limited.  Think we’re so smart.  So clever.  Have all the answers.

Do we?  Not on your life…or mine.  Think of the scientific chaos theory of creation.  That all this marvel of God’s fashioning comes about by chance and happenstance.  How lucky can we get!  Talk about requiring faith?  That certainly does.  More than I can count on!

How about God saving His lost people?  How does that happen?  Sending His only Son Jesus to die for us?  Makes no sense.  Doesn’t add up.  I’d never do that.  Sacrifice either of my sons for ingrates who hate me?  No way.  Never.  Not a chance.

But He did.  For me and you.  Because of His love.  More than we can imagine.  A love we can count on, even though its measure is beyond calculating.

Don’t worry.  It’s not about me or you.  Or our limitations, which the Lord knows all about.  No.  It’s about His boundless love.  Agreed?

So what if we can’t figure it all out.  He knows and that’s all that matters!  Can always count on Jesus…no matter what.


Lord, thank you for your Son Jesus, our Savior, whom we can completely depend upon.  Amen.


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