We moan and groan about people today.  Not ourselves, of course!  Others!  You know who they are.  Crass and getting worse.  Take a gander at television.  Maybe you shouldn’t.  Movies?  Have you seen new ones?  For us, maybe a decade ago, and what a colossal waste of time and money.

I’m now reading about a bunch of totally greedy botchagaloops.  Believe in numerous gods.  Never satisfied.  Always grabbing for more.  Money-grubbers.  Noticeably unhappy with nary a smile on their faces.  Scowls dominate.  Ungrateful like they deserve everything.  ‘I’m owed’.  And angry.  And entitled.  You know them.  No, not you, of course!  Or me, certainly!

By the way, what am I reading?  Just perusing Psalm 78.  What?  Yes!  Asaph pens this psalm.  He’s one of the leading choir directors of ancient Israel.  He knows the history of God’s people.  Warts and all.  Read the first thirty-one verses and you’ll note how little anyone has changed over the millennia.  No evolution in our spiritual lives.  Same old, same old.  More like devolution.

Mustn’t end of such a down note.  Read on.  Especially verses 32-39, and you’ll discover where our hope lies.  You know!  With the Lord.  With Him alone.  He’s the key as Jesus opens the doors to life in its fullness (John 10:9-10), which will be complete when we close our eyes to this world, opening them to Him in glory.

No matter what comes your way this year, whatever happens, remember this– ‘…God was their Rock, that God Most High was their Redeemer’ (Psalm 78: 35).  Time to stop whining and start becoming a wide-eyed believer in all the goodness God has for us in His Son Jesus.  Both now and then, here and there.  As in always!

Got that?


Thank you, Jesus, for making life worth living.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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