HE KNOWS Daniel 2: 17-21

Now that one political season has ended (sort of!), another is just around the corner.  Never fails–losers touted as winners.  Winners berated as losers.  Back-and-forth the nasty pendulum swings ad nauseum.  Are you as tired of it all as I am?

But really we have little to gripe about.  I know I’m spoiled.  Have so much when others have so little.  Fat and sassy while some barely able to feed their children let alone themselves.  Most of us have no idea what it’s like to go without.  We’re clueless.  Is that a good thing?  Probably not.

Reading Daniel 2 we see what’s happening to God’s people in his day.  Tough times blast with gale force winds.  Their nation decimated.  Their holy Temple razed.  Their best and brightest young people whisked off to brainwashing camps, exiles for the foreseeable future.  Death stares them down.  And we complain.  We have no idea how horrible life becomes for God’s people.  I don’t.

So what do they have to be thankful for anyway?  Daniel knows.  Where?  Of course, with God.  Daniel 2: 19-23 sings lofty praise and thanksgiving to his Sovereign Lord.  He knows.  Read those verses for yourself and you will too.

This Thanksgiving let’s focus on the Lord Himself.  Yes, we’re grateful for all His blessings.  Family, country, friends, food, jobs, homes and so much more.   We’re grateful.

But in giving thanks, I usually get stuck down here in this world.  For what I can see, touch and taste.  How about looking up to the source?  To the Father of All.  To Jesus His only Son, our Savior.  To all the comforts of the Holy Spirit.  All the character traits of our triune God.  Like faithful love, kindness, gentleness, patience…  Add your own.

That’s where my heart will be this Thanksgiving.  On Him and who He is.  Daniel knew where to look in the most trying of times.  So should we.

Happy Thanksgiving!  You know why.

Thank you, Lord, for everything.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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