‘ALL’S WELL…’ Psalm 71

For the past few years I’ve been reading Shakespeare’s plays.  Must admit the old Elizabethan English can be tough sledding, even with a mind still attuned to the King James Version of the Bible.  Some plays are easier to understand only because I’m familiar with them.  Like Macbeth or Hamlet.  I’m now finishing one that I have almost no idea what’s going on, except I cheated reading a synopsis on Wikipedia.  Otherwise, forget it.

One Shakespeare title especially grabs my attention.  Makes me think about my life in Jesus.  How I want to get closer to Him in this life as I inch closer to Him for the next.  Focusing more on Him rather than fears and silly stuff like political bickering.  Less anger.  More ‘trust and obey’.   Plain old enjoying being in Jesus… and staying right there.

Immovable.  Close by until the last day or night.  Not being fatalistic, bitter or crotchety.  Loving more.  Being understanding yet firm in biblical values.  Never falling away.  Or compromising, half-baked and double-minded.  Not judgmental yet discerning.  Tall orders for any believer at any age.  Are you with me?

As the psalmist says–‘Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come’ (Psalm 71: 18).

I imagine you also want your life to be ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’.  Ending well… for Jesus.  Not acting in a play, with script to memorize and mimic.  No.  Being unmasked and truthful to who you really are.  Honest.   Humble.  A grace that laughs at yourself and not at others.  A kindness, needed and well-received, yet rarely found anymore anywhere among anyone.

Ending well.  That’s my prayer.  All will be well if we stay the course, depending more and more on Jesus.  Lean in… for the long haul!


Lord, help me to become more like Jesus.  In His strength and with His help.  Amen.

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