Prayer too often happens in dire emergencies.  When all else fails.  As if prayer only effective when I’m not.  Hardly what the Bible teaches.  Just look at Peter’s first letter, chapter 4.

This premier apostle of Jesus writes from Rome.  Reminds believers that if Jesus suffered, guess what?  Right!  Verse 3 grabs hold of me, where he mentions their past lives.  None puritans.  Not any of them.  Nor lily-white Sunday School teachers.

They’ve lived like the devil in times past.  They’ve wasted too much time walking earth’s back alleys as pagans–drunks, perverts, worshippers of other gods.  Wasteful and wasted.

I don’t like to remember my own squandered times, when I could have been ministering dependably for my Lord.  Those who rarely heard from my lips an invitation to receive Jesus.  Churches who had a pastor not in best stead with his Master.  Times wasted.  Frittered away.

Only me?  You’re not off the hook.  Used every opening God has given you for witness?  Always did what He asked of you?  Have you?  Honestly?  Scout’s honor!

Peter in no way wants us live in the past.  Time to move on.  The clock keeps ticking.  1 Peter 4: 7–‘The end of all things is near.  Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray’.   We’re edging ever closer to the end.  One day nearer than the last.

So, clear up your mind.  Determine to live a godly lifestyle.  Why?  To unlock the world of prayer.

Opens a window to God’s heart.  A door to Jesus’ will.  A gate wide open, ushering us directly into the Lord’s heavenly palace.  Again, so ‘…that we can pray’.

When Jesus motivates us, we want more and more prayer in our lives.  Not only for dire emergencies.  No.  Always.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing us as we pray.  All for Jesus’ sake.  Amen.


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