I’ve never invested in one nor do I grasp what they do.  Good plan not to put money where your mind is vacant.  Like mine!

What I’m referring to are hedge funds.  Pools of invested money, which seek to protect assets from excessive risk.  Beyond that definition, I’m in deep water without a paddle or canoe!

Reading Psalm 52 reminds me of the need to hedge against the risks of ungodly living.  To put my money, so to speak, where it will do the most for God’s Kingdom.  Growing for Jesus, lest Satan gain a stronghold.

King David in Psalm 52: 1-7 speaks of a ‘mighty man’ who boasts all day long.  A bragger par excellence.  One who toots his own horn with a tune sounding rather off-key and off-putting.  His mouth cuts you to shreds.  A machete through softened butter.  Deceitful and evil.  Lying habitually.  What hurts you pleases him.  A one-upmanship at all costs.  Destroying others mere second nature.

Such a life runs highest risk of disaster.  Ps. 52: 5–‘Surely God will bring you down to everlasting ruin…’  Read on.  It gets worse.  Never better.  The bottom falls out…forever.

David goes on to sketch the godly person.  He pictures one who worships and loves the Lord.  Who’s hedged in by His care and mercy, while basking in God’s steadfast love.  Finding in Him alone unfailing trustworthiness.

A humble person, admitting need for the Lord at every turn, at all times.  Praise becomes second nature.

Praise of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Praise, not only in a solitary closet, but also with all who love Jesus.  Praise for what He’s done…and does.  And for all those glories yet to be ours…in heaven!

Hedged in with praise for His everlasting and unfailing love!  That’s where to invest your all.

Thank you, Jesus, for being God with us.  Amen.

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