Psalm 55: 22–‘Cast your cares on the Lord…’  I’d love to do exactly that.  Give my cares, worries and anxieties to Him.  Place them squarely at Jesus’ feet.  Having a load of stress resting on His shoulders, where He can handle them much better than I can.  I’m weak but He is strong.  In addition, He asks us to do nothing less than to give Him all these messes.

So why do I grab them back at the first opportunity?  Could being freed-up be too uncomfortable?  Not used to it?  Odd not worrying or fretting over whatever?  Are you on the same beaten-down team that I’m on?  Last in the American League, so to speak?

You know me, I’m digging into biblical Hebrew language for insight.  The word ‘cares’ refers to what’s been given you.  Not fate, karma or the cards we’re dealt, but what God allows into our lives.  His permissive will.

These are to be grabbed at as from His hands into ours.  Not luck, but the Lord’s call.  What specifically this involves for you will be different than that for me.  So, it’s not so much a matter of what He gives, but our attitude.  Our willingness to receive.  Acceptance.

When I gripe to our lawn care people about a much lighter yellowish-green grass in our backyard, they inform me that this grass blows in from who-knows-where, finding a new home wherever it wants.  As in our lawn!  What to do?  They glibly tell me that nothing’s to be done except to ‘learn to love it’.  Nasty wisenheimers!

Yet (and I resist this), some things in life we must learn to love.  Tolerate, accept and even use for Jesus.  Goes against my grain.  Guess I’m a protesting Protestant for a reason!

My prayer?  To be more flexible.  Less resistant.  I’m not good at this.  I’m a fighter.  A bear.  A combatant.  More like Jacob who wrestles with God (Gen. 32).

Casting cares may be about accepting what the Lord brings my way.  A welcome I seem to know little about.  Still not sure what to meet-and-greet and what to shun.  Need discernment.  Hey, God’s not done with me…or you…yet!

Lord Jesus, please give me mature spiritual discernment.  For your glory alone.  Amen.

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