MORE AMAZING GRACE! 1 Samuel 12: 18-25

I don’t know if it’s Satan or me who keeps bringing up past sins, throwing them in my face.  Probably a combination of the two.  Here in 1 Samuel 12, the namesake prophet and last judge of Israel gives the most encouragement to God’s people you’ll find almost anywhere in the Bible.  Sadly, only read by few.  Why not leaf through the whole chapter, especially verses 18-25?

God’s people regret embracing an earthly king, turning away from Yahweh God.  Life goes south for them.  They know why.  Their fault.  Like you and me.  When we get self-oriented.  ‘Me, I and myself’ rule.  Then doors slam and windows lock.  Life rambles down the wrong side of the road.  Admit it or not, we know why.

That’s when Samuel tells his people something precious.  He doesn’t throw salt on their wounds.  Refuses to rehash evils committed, never rubbing their collective noses in the muck and mire of their failures.  After all, they admit their sin (v. 19).  No waffling excuses from their mouths.  Merely regret and remorse.

Samuel’s encouragement?  Move on!  Get up and get going for God!  1 Samuel 12: 20-21–‘Do not be afraid…You have done all this evil; yet do not turn away from the LORD, but serve the LORD with all your heart.  Do not turn away after useless idols…’  Move on… in God’s amazing grace.  Be sure not to look back as Lot’s salty wife did.

Our Lord doesn’t ignore or excuse sin.  He waits for repentance, and then gets us going again… with Him.  Why would He want us down-and-out, when we could be up-and-about for His Kingdom?  What’s the value in being sidelined?  More advantage for Satan than the Savior.

Consider all the benefits of following the Lord.  He rescues us.  For His name’s sake.  Won’t reject us when we come to Him.  Forgives and forgets.

Get alone in a quiet place, and think about all that the Lord has done for you.  Don’t rush.  Take your time.  Praise Him.  Pray.  Let Him direct your thoughts.  He will.  Then get up and get going for Jesus!

How do I know this?  By reading 1 Samuel 12: 18-25.  And my reflections are only the tip of the iceberg.  Dig deeper yourself.  You’ll find more amazing grace.  More than you ever imagined!

Thank you, Lord, for grace without end.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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