Thank you for ‘lending me an ear’, reading these daily devotionals.  We’ve covered many Bible passages,  reflected on varied experiences of life, being honest with each other about our walk with the Lord.  Today I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Psalm 40.  What grabbed my attention can be found in verses 4 through 8.

They talk about trusting God.  Hardly an original thought.  Urging us to steer clear of prideful people, who stray after so-called ‘truth’, veiled lies at best.  Focus your attention on what really counts, who truly matters–the Lord!  The One we love and who totally loves us.

We’re to tell others about His blessings that they are beyond counting.  Not enough hours in the day!   We’re told not to bring sacrifices and sin offerings, but rather to delight in obeying the Lord.  Not a ‘have to’, but a ‘want to’!  Not drudgery.  But a delight.  Am I there yet?  Must you ask!  Two steps forward, one back.  Not a straight line.  That’s me.

Verse six takes a hold of me.  Hard to translate from the Hebrew.  See where the psalmist says, ‘…but you have given me an open ear'(v.6)?  My translation(ESV) has a footnote, saying the original reads like this– ‘…ears you have dug for me.’  Meaning that God has opened our ears so we can truly hear Him.

Who said I have a hole in my head?!  Funny enough, that’s the idea.  On my own, can’t hear a thing.  So hard of heart and hearing.  He has to get out the cranial drill.  Then He bores away!  ‘Lord, give me ears to hear…’

To glean from Him in His Word.  To sit quietly, with book open on my lap eager to catch even one Word from my Master.  Ears open to Him.  Receptive and waiting.  Patiently keeping my mouth shut for the moment…to hear from Him.   He sounds so good.  Agreed?

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, that we can now hear you.  Help us to heed you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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