I love all those unnamed characters in the Bible.  Anonymous and unknown.  Here’s one, a widow in 1 Kings 17.  No name given.  Someone in need.  I’m glad for people who don’t demand their names be recognized, up in lights!  Do things for the Lord without cheers coming their way.  I’ve tried not to encourage my ego to run my life.  Would rather that others get the credit if done well for the Lord.  Me?  Wouldn’t you rather hear Jesus’ commendation ‘well done…faithful servant’?  I remember giving the homily at a Lenten service.  Unfortunately, the bulletin had my name preceded by the word ‘homely’!  And now speaking is the homely John Fischer!  Didn’t bother me, plus I’ve had lots of laughs for years now.

As long as the Lord knows who we are…that’s what really counts.  And trust me–He does!  Through faith in Jesus Christ, we become God’s children, now and forever.

Elijah is named in this chapter.  He’s hungry and thirsty, like everyone else in this woman’s city of Zarephath, north of Jerusalem, on the coast of Phoenicia.  Food is almost gone.  The Bible says that God has commanded this woman to provide for Elijah’s need of food and water(v.9).  When did God command her?  I can’t find that in this chapter?  Can you?  So, God has His ways.

Her only thoughts are survival, both for herself and her only child, a son.  One more meager meal and it’s all over.  Or so she thinks.  This man of Yahweh God asks her for something she has almost nothing left of.  She lives in a town that worships the god Baal.  The ruler’s wife is Queen Jezebel, who hates anyone worshipping Yahweh.  The command of God?  How?  When?  God has His ways.

Here’s where the story takes us deeper.  It tells us, without being direct, that God will work His ways even when we are unaware.  We may have no idea how God works.  None.  Keep your eyes wide open.  Pray for His will.  Go about your life planning what you’d like.  Dream the dreams of your heart.  Knowing that the Lord is at work to do His will through us…and others.  As long as we’re willing vessels, He’ll direct the course.  He will meet us along the way.  In unexpected places.  From unexpected people.  Get ready–surprises await!  God has His ways.

Prayer:  Lord, we want to trust you in every aspect of our lives.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.




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