THE SUN WILL COME OUT WHEN?… Exodus 17: 8-16

Who doesn’t love a good Broadway musical?  I’ve enjoyed dozens of the best shows.  Doesn’t have to be on Broadway either.  Can be a production by the local High School.  For those of us who live in the drizzly Pacific Northwest, we all love that hit song from ‘Annie’ entitled, ‘The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow’.  We need the optimism of that little orphan.  ‘Tomorrow…tomorrow…’ she sings with her head held high, waiting for the sunny day to arrive!

Reading from Exodus, we meet an autocratic leader, forbidding his cheap labor-force to leave, until God unleashes a torrent of plagues on the land and its leadership.  Terror fills the hearts of the Egyptians.  Death has the final word.  Check out those plagues and notice a certain word used over and over again in Exodus 8: 23, 29; 9:5, 18; 10:4.  These plagues were announced as warnings of what will take place ‘tomorrow’.

Why then?  Why not right now?  God is clearly giving the Egyptians and its Pharaoh time to think things over.  Not a lot.  Not forever.  But overnight.  Tomorrow is coming.  Time to repent TODAY.  Time to turn to God NOW for this is His moment of mercy and grace.

A short interlude to come back to Him.  To count the cost of disobedience.  Time for second chances.  Praise God,  He gives us this brief moment.  Unfortunately, for those who want nothing to do with Him, time is running out.  Tomorrow is coming sooner than they think.

Later in Exodus the word ‘tomorrow’ is used again.  In Exodus 16: 23.   God’s people are gathering daily food called ‘manna’.  On Friday the people were to garner twice the needed amount so that work would not be required on the Sabbath.  Tomorrow.  The Lord will provide.  Tomorrow.  He will.  Even a double portion.

Tomorrow involves faith to trust Him… for some of our prayers have yet to be answered.  Tomorrow is but a few hours more, just around the bend.  For believers, tomorrow is our time to be patient, praying and holding onto His hands.

The Son will come out… ‘Tomorrow’!

Prayer:  Lord,  we pray for those who need to repent and come to you.  For us, thank you for the hope of tomorrow.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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