A CONCERT OF PRAYER…Daniel Chapter 2

Daniel and his three friends have had their names changed from godly ones to those of false gods.  All four of them had been given Hebrew names with God Himself woven into their very fabric.  Daniel means ‘God is my Judge’.  Mishael– ‘who is like God?’  Hananiah– ‘Yahweh shows grace’.   Azariah– ‘Yahweh helps’.  Now, new names have been shoved down their throats.  A bitter pill not willingly swallowed.

In Daniel chapter 2 we read that the King had a terrible night’s sleep.  What sleep?  Tossed and turned.  Kept waking because of the most disturbing dreams.  So realistic.  So shocking.  Calling for his Wise Men, he threatens them with death if they can’t tell him of his dreams and their meaning.  Death to all!  The gallows await.  When Daniel hears of this, as he and his friends are also Wise Men, he asks the King for a bit more time.  Probably skeptical, yet the King relents for Daniel.

What does Daniel do now?  Take out a double-indemnity life insurance policy?  Flee the country?  Start a revolution?  No.  You’ve read the story.  In verse 17 he returns to his house.  He goes home where he can talk privately with his three friends.  The names used here in verse 17?  Not those pagan names.  Not those for sure.  But rather the names honoring their One True God, Yahweh.

Daniel calls them to a concert of prayer.  Praying together harmoniously.  Begging the Lord for His mercy.  His help and protection.  Not for them alone,  but for all the Wise Men.  First things first– pray.  Who better to go to?  Ever catch yourself saying ‘well, I’ve tried everything else, might as well pray.  Can’t hurt.’  Be honest now.  I’m in that boat, sorry to say.  ‘When all else fails, pray’.

Not Daniel.  Not his three friends.  Not us as well?  Not any longer?  Go to God first and foremost.  Tell Him all that’s on your heart and mind.  Be in concert of prayer with your family and friends.  Pray for others.  Life them up to the Lord.  Have them pray for you.  A harmony of prayer.  A glorious concert with the Lord as our audience.  Amen?

Prayer:  Lord, we gladly come to you in prayer for others and ourselves.  Our country and this world.  Thank you for the ministry of intercession given to each one of us.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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