I don’t like to think about all that I’ve lost over the years.  Time…money…opportunity.  Friends and even family.   Lost and gone forever.  Can’t get them back.  Part of me grieves with another side saying to move on.  Some find that easier to do than others.  I hold on way too long.  Know that about myself.

Think it must be an insecurity that rears its ugly head.  I remember a friend, a Roman Catholic priest, who shared that he didn’t have long for this world due to cancer.  Such upsetting news to me.  A dear friend who I enjoyed sharing our weekly luncheon times, those ‘immovable feasts’ of pizza!  He scolded me, reminding me that the Lord would never leave me.  Didn’t I trust Him?  Didn’t I?  Felt embarrassed.  He hit a raw nerve.  When he died what he had said to me proved true.  Of course, the Lord was with me.  Of course, I was not alone.  Of course.

God will never leave us.  We know that we can’t see Him.  So what?  Can’t see the air, but I haven’t stopped breathing either!  Whether we admit or not, we live by faith!  Yes, we do.  That my heart keeps beating.  When I plug the electric chord in, power is released.  When I sit on that chair, the floor will not be my seat!  Whether we admit it or not, we live by faith!

Here’s a good idea!  Put your faith… in Jesus.  When this life is over, as it will be for all of us, we’ll have Jesus with us, and us with Him.  What could be better?  Nothing!  You can’t think of anything and neither can I.  With Jesus comes all the love in the universe.  All wrapped up as His gift of Himself to us.  What could be better?  Psalm 63:3–‘…your love is better than life…’   Of course it is!

Prayer:  Lord, we can lose everything, even our lives, and still have you.  Of course, we’ll always have you.  Thank you.  In Jesus’  name.  Amen.


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