Being away from home for over three months leaves us feeling overwhelmed when we return.   You can imagine.   There is a price for being away.  And prices keep rising!  One time we awoke the next morning to a leaky toilet requiring a costly plumber visit.  In our pile of mail were two identical cable television kits, prompting a visit downtown so we weren’t charged twice.  While trimming an overgrown hedge, I discovered to my unwelcome surprise a hive of yellow jackets, causing me to run like I was in the Olympics!

What should I do?  Stay in bed all day?  Draw the curtains and let the world take care of itself?  Withdraw from this cold, cruel world?!  Then I read Psalm 69, especially verses 13 and 14.

King David says, ‘…in the time of your favor…’  There’s a phrase to mull over for awhile.  We who believe in Jesus Christ are ‘in the time of God’s favor’.  The word ‘favor’ in the original Hebrew is ‘rawtsone’.  It means delight and goodwill.  We are God’s good pleasure.  He accepts us who worship Him.  We are pleasing to Him.  He approves of us.  Treats us favorably.  As in Psalm 147:11–‘the Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love.’

He loves us so much.  He’s crazy about us!  This very moment we are ‘in the time of God’s favor’.  That means that I’m in good hands.  So are you as you trust in Jesus.  Good hands.  I can trust Him no matter what.  With those little things like leaky toilets and stinging bees.  I’m still in good hands.

Today keep repeating that you are in good hands.  When something upsetting comes your way, remind yourself whose hands you’re in.  In His strong and loving arms and hands.  I’m in good hands!

Prayer:  To be in your hands gives me such confidence and hope, dear Lord.  I love you for all you do for all of us.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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