Psalm 52 offers a contrast of godly living with one quite the contrary.  King David paints a vivid picture of two different lives.  Verse one describes the ungodly as a ‘mighty man’.  Mighty…but all for himself.  A boaster, braggart, image-maker, and spin doctor with all his might geared to coming out on top, regardless of the cost. His tongue will cut you to shreds.  His deceit knows no bounds.  Saying and doing whatever he can to lower you only to puff himself up, the winner who takes all.

Psalm 52 says that taking the wrong fork in the road is a huge mistake.  Don’t take it.  It leads to ruin and destruction.  Judged by God Almighty, torn from home and security, uprooted and lost.  A fatal mistake–not making God his stronghold and foundation.

He trusted in his wealth.  He would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.  Step over his own mother if need be.  If he has to destroy others in the process, so be it.

Psalm 52 spends seven of its nine verses describing the ungodly, but only two with its contrast, the godly person.  Maybe that’s because the ungodly lead complicated, twisted and messed-up lives.  Those of us who seek to follow the Lord, as imperfectly as we do, find life a bit more straightforward, hopeful and helped!

David says that the godly are like olive trees, useful and productive.  Flourishing…in God’s house, a safe place where the oil of His gladness never dries up.  A place of praise… for all the Lord has done.  Nothing of the ungodly or their ways in God’s house.

I like that last phrase of Psalm 52.  Not lonely anymore, but ‘in the presence of your saints’!  With His people, we sing beautiful harmony to our God.  To the Father, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  No debates or arguments, false promises or divisions anymore.  Not for those who have asked Jesus into their hearts, repenting of sin and wanting to take the right path in life.

This is the ultimate fork in the road.  Don’t get lost.  Follow the signs leading to the Jesus Road!

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for making the way clear to salvation through your Son Jesus.  In His name.  Amen.

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