BEING FULL…Psalm 57: 1-3

In Psalm 57, David finds himself hiding in a cave, seeking safety from the deadly threats of King Saul.  David pleads for God’s protection.  Prays to take cover in the shadow of God’s wings.  His shadow alone would be enough.  Knowing God’s promises is reassurance enough.  Not seeing Him directly or having all the answers, but satisfied with trusting Him.

David writes in verse two that ‘I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills His purpose for me.’  My translation(NIV) has brackets around the words ‘His purpose’.  Why?  This is how translators tell us that the words inside the brackets are not in the original language, but are words added that the translators feel will make more sense of the original to us reading today.  Whenever I see those bracketed words, I remove them in my mind and read the verse without them.  Sometimes, a fresh insight comes my way.

David says.  ‘I cry out to God…to God who fulfills(…) for me’.   Did you catch it?  Even in a cave, far from home, far from certain safety, surrounded by darkness and hemmed-in, even there we can be fulfilled by God Himself.  All the props gone.  The goodies of life?  Without them, God can be enough.

Surrounded by a cornucopia of material things, we have no idea what David is talking about.  Too much stuff.  Not only when He blesses us, but even when life seems to shrink and blow away.  Even then, He wants to fill us… with Himself.

Full in Him!  Faith that rides above any storms that come our way.  ‘I cry out to God…to God, who fulfills(…) me’!

Prayer:  Dear God, be my all in all.  No matter what may come, help me to be satisfied to know you.  To love you, to obey and submit to you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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