COULD I HAVE?…Psalm 57

For those who know me well, please do not answer this question.  I had to ask myself–could I have eaten too much?  Remember, I asked you kindly to keep your answer to yourself!  While driving through Kentucky we stopped at the town of Corbin.  The home of the very first restaurant owned and operated by Harlan Sanders.  Colonel Sanders!  A fun place to visit but the portions of fried chicken were way over-the-top!  And I ate them all!  Could I have?  I did!  Fully!  There’s your answer!

Psalm 57 has young David, fleeing from King Saul, pleading for God’s help, crying out for His mercy and a place of refuge.  He fully needs God to save his life.   He prays, ‘I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed'(Psalm 57: 1).  He doesn’t ask to see the Lord fully, face-to-face.  Only His shadow.   God’s help–like being under the ‘shadow of His wings’.  His shadow alone will give all the help that’s needed.  His shadow.  Fully.

Much of life is hard to understand, difficult to comprehend this side of heaven.  As if we’re wearing sunglasses in a darkened basement.  We can only make out passing shadows.  We grope and carefully maneuver around the room, hoping not to trip or make too many messes in the process.

We can’t see the Lord fully.  Not face-to-face.  But He does give us His shadow, reminding us of His care and presence.  Can you sense Him?  Like the wind you can’t see but can feel.  His shadow is all we need in this life.  A smidgeon of faith.  A tiny mustard seed.  A small amount of yeast.

His shadow is all we need.  Can you sense Him?  In the shadows…

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for being with us.  We can’t see you directly but know you are there.  Your shadow is enough.  Your promises fulfilled for all of us who believe in you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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