A favorite song from Robin Williams’ movie ‘Popeye’ is entitled,  ‘Everything is Food, Food, Food!’  We can’t stop singing it!  And we’re starting to bug each other!  Psalm 47 emphasizes a life that’s more than food.  Time to think of something else, even though lunch is not far off.  And it’s pizza, too!  See what I mean?  I’m food helpless!

Back to Psalm 47.  Everything is praise…praise…praise!  Five times in verses 5 and 6 we’re told to praise the Lord.  Sing praises to our God!  Here’s a challenge for you–praise Him all day long.  Today!  Don’t go shouting it in the middle of the night, disturbing family and neighbors!  No, say it quietly to the One who deserves it most of all.  Focus on praising God.  Everything is Praise…Praise…Praise!

But you know what my problem is? Can you anticipate what I’m going to say?  I’m so distracted in prayer.  Praise the Lord for whatever and my mind starts scampering down some unrelated ‘rabbit trail’.  I thank the Lord for a beautiful day, all the time wondering how the weather will be next week when we take a road trip to the mountains.  Or rehashing something from our European river cruise.  Or when will the accountant get our taxes done, hoping for a refund while preparing to pay more if need be?  Praise to the Lord?  Out the window.  Lost… and not found!

Often praise deteriorates into heightened anxieties.  Thanking Him for our kids and grandchildren only to trudge down the most perilous worry-roads our imaginations can take us on.  Fears stacked high upon each other.  ‘What if this happens?  What about that’?  See what I mean?  Start with praise…end in panic!

So, let’s ask the Lord to help us focus on praise to Him.  We’ll need His help to stay on course.  Jesus knows how weak we are.  He understands and stands ready to help.  When we mean it, He makes it happen.   Are you with me?  Ready, get set…praise!

Prayer:  Lord, thank you.  We praise you all day long.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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