I feel sorry for Job.  He’s called ‘blameless and upright’ and ‘the greatest man among all the peoples of the East'(Job 1: 1,3).  Yet God allows him to endure the most horrendous losses imaginable.  Job has had to ‘verbally fence’ with his wife, those three ‘friends’, that young know-it-all Eliphaz.  Finally, the Lord speaks.  God has the last word, as it should be.

God speaks ‘out of the storm'(Job 38:1).  Maybe you’re in a storm of sorts right now.  Life is turbulent.  Even sunny days feel cloudy and dark.  Reading Job 41 we hear the Lord comparing His strength with Job’s weakness.  God’s the Master, Job the servant.  Like you and me, under His lordship.  Job 41: 11–‘Everything under heaven belongs to me.’

He owns it all.  Nothing that exists anywhere, at any time, is other than God’s own possession.  Especially when times get tough, when questions override answers, we need to be reminded of who God is.  He’s without limits.  Lord of all.  Everything is His.  Genesis chapter 1 tells us that all creation has come from His hands.  All of it.  Start there, believe that first chapter of the Bible, and we’ll know who God is.  Lord of All.

When I accepted Jesus into my heart, I became a child of God as He promised(John 1: 12).  That relationship will last for all eternity.  The Bible is crystal clear that God truly loves us with a love known only to Him.  His love forgives freely and willingly.  Gives and gives, and then He gives some more.  He gave His only Son for us.  I wouldn’t do that.  Jesus died for us.  You couldn’t do that.  He rose in victory over the ultimate enemies of Satan and death.  We can’t do that.

All…for His own!  Which is so hard to grasp with the feeble fingers of our minds and hearts.  If we are His, and everything belongs to Him, can we not sense what comes next?  We can trust Jesus.  With every aspect of our lives.  With every prayer that seems to go unanswered.  With every uncertainty of health and wealth.  We can cast all at His feet, relaxing in His arms, with confidence and peace.  ‘Everything…belongs to me'(Job 41:11).

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for being the God who you are.  We love you and trust you no matter what.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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