One of the most beautiful chapters in the Bible is Hosea 14.  Hosea may be included in the ‘Minor Prophet’s, but nothing minor about his message to us.  Not at all.  He begins this chapter by calling God’s wayward people back to Him saying, ‘Return O Israel, to the Lord your God’.  He then urges them to confession, repentance and sorrow for their sin.

‘Take words with you…’   Heartfelt words.  Mean what you say and say what you mean.  When I look at my own life, there is much to shake my head at.  I too must come to the Lord in honesty, openness, humility and confession.  Am I the only one?

Asking forgiveness.  Depending on His grace and mercy.  Offering Him the ‘fruit of our lips'(v.2).  Fruit of prayer and praise.  Reading verses 4-7 you’ll see the long list of blessings coming from our Lord.  Amazing ones!  Like healing our sinful ways.  Turning us, more and more, His way.  Loving us with a flood of divine affection that never dries up.  As dew on the ground in a parched land causing flowers to grow and bloom.  Our roots getting deeper and deeper into our God like those of the cedars of Lebanon.

The Lord says in verse 8 that ‘I am like a green pine tree…’  Two of my aunts had a primitive cabin on a small lake in the backwoods of rural New Jersey.  Pine trees were everywhere.  Though I never liked that place, I’ll never forget the aroma of fresh pine in the air.  Certainly not the cabin or the lake or the abysmally long drive to get there, but what’s memorable is the air, crisp and fresh, clean and pleasant.  The scent of pine was in the air!

The point being?  All our blessings come from the Lord.  All of them.  Each and every one.  Admit it.  It’s true.  ‘…your fruitfulness comes from me'(v.8).  Today, we offer to God heartfelt words of praise and thanksgiving.  And especially for His Son Jesus, who makes our life worth living!  Amen?

Prayer:  Lord, from our lips to your ears, may you enjoy our love and thanks today.  And everyday.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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