Do you remember the popular song entitled ‘Who Wrote the Book of Love?’ by  ‘The Monotones’?  I’ve wondered about their name.  Maybe they were all monotone singers?  Usually, you wouldn’t advertise that!  I sang the lead part in a Gospel quartet called ‘Livin’ Harmony’.  We didn’t sing monotone.  I know people who do… and it’s not a pretty sound!  ‘Livin’ Harmony’ tried to blend as if producing one sound.  Harmony.  Such a good feeling when we lived up to our name.  ‘The Monotone’s’?  I still like their 1958 song–‘Who Wrote the Book of Love?’.

We believers know the answer.  Don’t we?  Jesus wrote the book of love.  He didn’t read someone else’s.  He didn’t attend a class or seminar on it.  No focus group pooling their collective opinions.  No polls taken.  He wrote the book of love.  Providing the example for all who follow in His footsteps.   Jesus did all willingly… ‘for the joy set before Him'(Hebrews 12:2).  Not to show off or be ‘Mr. Big Shot’.  Hardly.  Quite the contrary.  As one who puts a towel around his waist to wash the feet of others.  A servant.  He wrote the book of love.

To wash away our sin and shame.  That’s what He was doing during Holy Week.  Washing away the graffiti of our guilt.  Removing the tattoos of sin and blame.  Not rubbing our faces in them, holding us down until we cry ‘uncle’.  That’s where Job 11 comes in.  It’s about time, I know!  Specifically, I’m looking at verses 13-19.  Zophar is one of Job’s friends.  Does he remain such as he harangues the beleaguered man?  He may have wanted to be Job’s friend, but had such a poor way of showing it.  Like me sometimes, wanting to be helpful only to make such a mess of things.  Rushing in where angels had flown away.  Zophar so good!  Not really.

Zophar is a prime example of a finger-pointer.  Shame…shame…shame on you, Job.  In the verses already mentioned, he accuses Job eighteen times of being at fault for all the tragedies he’s going through.  Only seven verses with eighteen ‘you’ or ‘your’.  As if Job needs berating.

Not only Job.   Blame comes real easy for me.  Too easy.  So, remember, and don’t forget!  Jesus covers it all.  Shame is never the same when He forgives and forgets.  Never.  Maybe it’s time to believe that Jesus has let all of that go.  Good riddance!  Good news!  Easter is coming!  How He loves us.  After all, He wrote the book of love!

Prayer:  Lord, release from our sin and shame is such an amazing blessing.  What love!  In Jesus’ name, who wrote the book.   Amen.

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