EASTER IS COMING!… Acts 2: 37-40

Easter is coming!  Christ has risen!  He has risen indeed!  We’ll say that in church Easter morn, celebrating what only God can do.  Death has been delivered a death-blow.  Dead-ends become highways to Heaven…all because of Jesus Christ.  His death on the cross becomes our birth certificate to eternal life.  Such is the believer’s vantage point.  We look up even in the midst of a society and world falling headlong into the depths of muck and mire.

Why aren’t more people looking to the only One who can turn around such a mess?  Could it be that the harvest is ripe and ready, but we’re too shy or lazy to tell others the Good News?  I’m pointing my finger right at you, with three more aimed back at you-know-who…ME!   The Apostle Peter certainly had his boldness-tank filled to the brim.  Went from being a three-time denier to saying this on the day of Pentecost:  ‘Save yourselves from this corrupt generation'(Acts 2: 40).

He’s not saying that we can save ourselves.  Not at all.  In verse 38 Peter urges his listeners to repent(turn around), confess faith in Jesus the Messiah, and then be baptized showing their allegiance to Him alone.  Peter then says this in verse 41: ‘Those who received his message…’  Those who believed, opened their hearts and lives to the Son of God, experienced God’s forgiveness, receiving new life.  They are the ones, we are the ones, who have escaped this ‘corrupt generation’.  There’s a way out.  Follow the way of Jesus.  The earliest title for Jesus’ followers was this:  ‘people of the Way’.  He is the Way, the only way(John 14:6).

Christ is risen!  He’s alive…He’s coming again.  Are you ready?  I ask myself the same question.  Jesus will usher in the New Heavens and the New Earth.  Yes, first He must go through Good Friday.  His death on the cross.  For us.   If our days are dark and dreary, not to worry.  Easter is coming!  It’s on the horizon.  Can you see His new day dawning?  I’m not an early riser.   But I can see His light coming!

Prayer:  Lord, we’re so excited about new life in your Son Jesus.  Thank you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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