I’m thinking about the phrase from the Song of Solomon, about those ‘little foxes that ruin'(S of S 2:15).  So many little things that rob us of joy and peace.  Sending us down ‘dead ends’,  off-course from where the Lord wants us to be.  We could go on-and-on with a list of what distracts us in life.

For me, lots of ‘little foxes’ roam my emotions.  Happens in the middle of the night.  I need some shuteye, but ‘little foxes’ pursue me.  Fears roll on.  Worries rear their ugly heads.  It’s dark outside.   I sense something within that feels very threatened and frightened.  When these ‘little foxes’ wake me, there’s not much chance of falling back to sleep.  At least not for awhile.    Possibly, it’s as we age, that sleep becomes a rarer commodity.  I’m no expert in almost anything, but I do know what ‘dogs’ me at night.  It’s not dogs, but those ‘little foxes that ruin’.

How I wish I could lay me down to sleep.  It was not many years ago now that the Lord put an idea into my ‘pea brain’ that helps.  I asked Him for relief.  This is what came to me.  Pray.  I know this sounds like something a pastor would recommend!   Typical.  But that’s it.  So, when I wake up with a jolt,  I begin to praise the Lord!  Stop the panic… start to pray.

Do you know how hard it is to praise Him?   Stopping my incessant asking and begging for things for me or others I know?  Takes real effort, sad to say.  But I do it.  Thank Him for Himself.  Praise Him for His amazing creation, His constant care for a world that increasingly thumbs-its-collective-nose at Him.  I thank Him–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Then I pray for our family and friends, for missionaries we know and support.  Christian organizations we love to give to, our church family, the other churches which I served rather poorly sad to admit, and for our country drifting farther and farther away from the Lord.  Certainly, my writing.  That He would be glorified, and you would be edified, encouraged and even stretched in your faith.

After awhile, never know when, off I go to sleep!  A peace passes over my weary mind as I slumber off to ‘nodsville’!  Sometimes to a disturbing dream!  Oh well, sleep… nevertheless!   Prayer is the primary aid in my battle for slumber and ‘forty-winks’!  Then again, should prayer ever be called yet another ‘aid’?  No, it’s more like the way to go, first-and-foremost.  I’m staying with Him in prayer…whenever.  Sleep or no sleep!  Join me?

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, that we can praise you.  We need your peace and rest.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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