PRODUCTIVE FOR GOD?… Matthew 21: 33-46

We love to visit South Carolina.  Especially the city of Charleston, with all its beauty, culture and history.  We’ve always rented a condo on nearby Seabrook Island.  A wonderful setting where you could just stay put and have the best time ever.  In early spring one year, we enjoyed all the flowers in bloom.  The redbud trees with their vibrant purplish/red flowers, while the flowering peach trees with tri-color blooms took our breath away.  The azaleas bursting forth with colors of red and white, pink and purple.

This particular year, the winter had been especially severe, with a couple of devastating ice storms that felled trees and their limbs as far as you could see.  Even still,  spring was right on schedule.  Everything as it should be.  All designed by the Master Gardener, God Himself.  When we have drought here in the Pacific Northwest,  get ready for record rainfall the next year.  Happens… but never by happenstance.

God’s creation balances itself,  as He plans for it.  Today, I’m exploring one verse in Matthew 21.  Jesus tells a disturbing story about what happens to people who thumb their noses at God Almighty, His prophets and servants, and then finally His Son.  Fools all.   Their end?  Not a pretty sight.  Even the ‘pious’ folk, so impressed with themselves, their robes and high positions in society, will have surprises awaiting them.  And not very pleasant ones at that.

Bringing this story to today, I fear for those church denominations that have flaunted their disdain for the Word of God.  Pick-and-choose what they like, reject what they don’t.  The Bible–tossed aside as myth and fable.  Out-of-date like many canned veggies in our old pantry!  Out-of-touch with the current culture.  Truth has expired or so they say.  What a shame!

Jesus, says that God’s Kingdom will not be for them, but given ‘…to other tenants who will give him the fruits in their seasons'(Matthew 21: 41).  God’s Kingdom–taken from some, given to others.  Heavy words.  Jesus says that the Kingdom is given to us.  Never earned.  Can’t add up enough ‘brownie-points’ to gain entrance.  We’re never good enough.  We don’t have to be.  It’s His gift to those who believe in Him.  Given…to those who will bear fruit.

Now here’s another angle.  We dare not sit on our haunches, hoisting a tall one, toasting God, basking in the lazy, hazy summer days of the Kingdom.  That won’t happen if we truly are God’s own.  We’ll be fruitful and productive.  Jesus doesn’t say what kind of fruit productive people will bear.  That leaves the orchard open to all kinds and varieties.  Whatever you were made to be by God, be that for Him.  Go for it!   A harvest for the Lord!  Pretty tasty stuff indeed!

Prayer:  Lord, we want to be all that you have created us to be.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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