GOADS AND ALL!… Ecclesiastes 12: 9-14

Here we are at the conclusion of King Solomon’s wise sayings found in the book of Ecclesiastes.  Not merely his own good ideas.  No.  Much more–the wisdom of Almighty God, found in the pages of the Bible.  Fresh and alive with meaning every time we sit at His feet.  God’s inspired Word… from beginning to end.

In Ecclesiastes 12: 11, Solomon says that these collected sayings are like ‘firmly embedded nails’.  Not easily removed.  Ever try to pull out a nail, set so deep, that it won’t budge?  The Bible resembles those nails.  Strong and firm, binding weighty matters tightly together.

There’s more–verse 10 says that the Bible speaks ‘just the right words’.  His words are ‘upright and true’.   From the Holy Spirit, who authored the Bible, through many different individuals, like Solomon himself.  ‘Just the right words’…’upright and true’.  Wish that could be said of me!  Can’t… by a longshot.  I’ve put my foot in my mouth more times than I can count, and I was never good at math!  May look like my tongue in my mouth; but, invariably, it’s my right foot moving all around, and I’m not even doing the ‘hokey-pokey’!

But one thing I cannot be accused of is this– that I’m highly opinionated.  That’s not me.  We all know some who are…opinionated, that is.   Have to be right.  Know it all.  Unbendable.  Competitive.  Inflexible.  This is an age of highly-opinionated people.  Many of them strike me as overconfident, offensively proud and rude.  I don’t like them.  Could you tell!?

Here’s good news that helps us float above the rogue-waves of sin that are breaking over the land.  The more I think about it, the more I WANT to hear from His Word.  I want more time with God.  More…of His thinking and His plans.  More…of Him!  Plain and simple.  Wouldn’t that be a preview of heaven here on earth?  Sounds good to you, too?  Then, let’s go for it!

Get more into His Word, the Bible.  Open it up, blow off any accumulated dust, write in its margins, dog-ear the pages, wear it out.  It’s your Bible.  Read it… asking for insight from the author, God the Holy Spirit.  He promises to respond if you seek Him, giving Him the time needed.

Wait a minute!  I forgot about those ‘goads’ in today’s title!  But for now, company’s coming!  They will be hungry and must be fed!  Here’s a quick question–hungry for God?  Pull up to the table.  Feast on His Word!  Eat all you want!  Would you pass me some Old Testament, please?!

Prayer:  Thank you, God, for giving us your Word, the Bible.  We love you, Lord, and want more of you in our lives.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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