I do think that I should be spending oodles and oodles more time praising the Lord.  But, I have to force myself.  That doesn’t seem right.  What catches me off-guard can be found in Psalm 29.  Take a moment now and read this poem of King David.  The message is crystal clear.

This psalm is all about the Lord.  From the very first verse, with angels giving glory to God, to an extended praise of the Creator and Sustainer of all, concluding with a comforting promise of peace which blesses God’s people.  David says in verse two–‘ascribe(give) to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord…’  Then he goes on with images that evoke powerful emotions, attributing all of creation to the voice of the Lord.  God speaks… and it happens!  Seven times David writes that ‘the voice of the Lord’ did such-and-such.  Seven times.  The perfect number.  All creation…in His control.  My life?  Yours?  Yes, again ‘all’ means ALL!

Eighteen times David uses the personal name of the Lord, Yahweh.  Your Bible will capitalize the word LORD when, in the Hebrew, it is ‘Yahweh’, His name.  Eighteen times, David lifts up the name of God.  Can never say it enough.  But not like the ‘Oh my G..’ crowd, saying it so glibly today.  No taking the name of the Lord your God in vain (Deuteronomy 5:11).  That commandment is one I try to honor in my life.  No cursing or using God’s name flippantly.

What about my prayer life?  No, I don’t use foul language in my prayers!   What’s not right is that I have to force myself to praise Him.  I ask many prayers for family and friends, for mission groups that need His help in doing His work,  for peace in this world and the thwarting of political leaders out only for themselves(I have too many to pray for!).  Pray for pastors I know.  All of this comes easy.  But to stop and praise Him?   That’s not so easy.  Why?  Not sure.

But I’m going to keep the pressure on myself.  Until that praise-muscle is well exercised, robust and healthy.  To remember all those wonderful and undeserved blessings I’ve received from His hand.  For who He is and what He does.  For all of us, especially those who know His Son Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Join me? Ready to praise Him?  Let me concentrate a bit.  Here it comes!  ‘Thank you, Lord, for all you are to us and…’

Prayer:  Lord, today we want to focus on you.  To give you our thanks, our praises.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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