RENEWAL IS ON THE HORIZON… Matthew 19: 28-30

For the past few years, my wife Sue and I have been watching friends remodel their 1930’s home.  We watch with absolutely no envy.  Two years and counting.  No, now three years…still not done.  Not by a long shot.  Years and years.  Much the poorer!  Will it be worth it?  We hope so for their sake, and for all that the neighbors have put up with!  As we all know,  any house project will take a lot longer and cost much more than ever thought of or budgeted for.

While reading this brief portion from Matthew 19, I was astonished by what Jesus said in verse 28–‘…at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man…’  I don’t know about you, but to me the world seems like an old house, falling apart, messing up the neighborhood, in need of major remodeling.  That phrase of Jesus?  ‘…at the renewal…’  It’s coming!

The newness is on its way!   The New Jerusalem, new heavens and new earth, new wineskins.  Not a qualified ‘if’, but with surety in His words.  ‘…at the renewal of all things…’  The cold, snowy, rainy winter will finally end!  The drought, forgotten as rain returns.  Blizzard-covered streets, cleared.   Bad times won’t last forever.

I’ve been in situations that seemed to spell the very end of anything good for me.  With anxiety feeling like a permanent, searing pain in my gut, forgetting forever what laughter was like, and what good things the Lord of life could hold in store for me.  But those bad weather days finally lifted.  None too soon!

‘…at the renewal…’–when the downward spiral becomes the upward fix.  Not a few things but ‘…at the renewal of ALL things…’  Not a rearrangement of the living room furniture to cover grease stains or accumulated dust.  No, this will be renewal… of ALL things.  Nothing left out, forgotten or rotten.  Decay will have decomposed    Rubbish will vanish.

May I ask a personal question?  Well, I will anyway!  How about you?  What needs renewal?  Some things left to gather dust and grime for way too long?  I have the feeling that at the judgement of believers, what we have neglected to take care of in this life, God will deal with them, in His own way.  Do you think that we ought to deal with those neglectful things in our lives right now, rather than wait?  I think so.  Probably will take some extra time and cost us more than we imagined.  So be it.  It will be worth it.

‘…the renewal of all things…’  Whatever the price.  However long it takes.  Renewal!  Of ALL things!

Prayer:  Lord, how we need change in our lives.  Please help us.  In Jesus’ name and for His sake.  Amen.

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