Last time I wanted to focus in on the ‘mustard seed’ of faith mentioned in Matthew 17: 20.  Guess what?  Not one word,  jot or tittle.  Did I forget?  Am I losing it?   Be nice!

Remember where we left off yesterday?  We’ve been to the top of the mountain with Jesus, witnessing His amazing transfiguration!  Elijah and Moses, talking with Jesus, in the sight of  Peter, James and John, His inner circle.

Beginning at Matthew 17:14,  Jesus and these three approach a crowd.  A man comes right up to Jesus, kneeling before Him, stopping Him in His tracks, begging for mercy for his son, who has some kind of devilish condition that causes him great bodily harm, along with utter heartache and worry for all who love this troubled youth.  The distraught father says that he has asked for the disciples’ help…but to no avail.  They were ineffectual and useless!  How Jesus’ words must have stung their ears and scorched their souls–‘O unbelieving and perverse generation…’

Who… us?  Painful words to hear.  Especially in light of what they saw up on that mountain.  The Father’s affirmation of Jesus, the Son.  Being with Moses and Elijah.  All of this should have led to MORE faith.  What they had seen with their eyes and heard with their ears.

Jesus then says that if they only had a tiny bit of faith, like the size of an itsy-bitsy mustard seed, they could pray, seeing God work miracles.  Like moving mountains, in a manner of speaking.  Jesus wants us to witness His work in this world…and in our lives.  It doesn’t mean we must be a Billy Graham or a famous writer of a ‘Reflections’ devotional!   But who knows?

A small mustard seed.   Nothing pretentious.  No putting on airs or wearing masks.  Simply trusting Him.  Refusing to be defeated by all the demonic and demoralizing forces around us.  Mountains of bitterness and revenge–move aside!  Mountains of unforgiveness– get lost!  Asking God to pick up our emotional rubbish for His disposal–good-riddance!

Got any mountains to move?  To talk with God about?  To see what God does best? Moving mounds of bad memories, laced with various shades of shame.  Piles of dirt shoveled on top by others.  Things left behind as the Lord lifts them from our shoulders.

Would be quite a silly scene, with me all hunched over, trying to carry around the heavy weight of what no longer exists.  Ridiculous.  What ludicrous waste.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who does exactly that.  Right?  You know who I’m talking about!  Spend time with your Lord.  He loves you.  Trust Him.  He will forgive.  And here’s the best part–He will forget!   Mountains will begin to move aside.  Doesn’t take mounds of faith to move those mountains.  Only a tiny mustard seed.  That’s Jesus’ promise.  That’s good enough for me!  And you?

Prayer:  Lord, we do trust you.  Increase our faith.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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