Can you imagine?  Chosen by Jesus.  Not all.  A few.  Three to be exact.  Selected to go up that mountain.  Peter, James and John.  They can’t say ‘no’ to Him.  How could they?  Not to Jesus.  If He says ‘follow’…they follow!  No questions asked.  Off they go.  Then strange things begin to happen.  Jesus’ face shines as bright as the sun.  His clothes become brilliant white.  They must cover their eyes.

Now what?  They think they’re seeing things.  Not things…people.  Not anyone–  Moses, the great law-giver and Elijah, the great prophet!  Talking with Jesus?  The three of them?   Is this some weird dream?  What did those three apostles eat for dinner?  No, this is for real.  Should they build a shelter with a plaque on it commemorating this great religious event?  When they think the confusion is lifting, a thick fog rolls in, and they hear a voice.  Not any voice.  I  mean… THE VOICE!  Get it?  The Father announcing that Jesus is His Son and that He loves Him.  Besides that He tells them that they should listen to Jesus.  That’s enough.  Down they go on hands and knees in utter fear and trembling.

What’s happening?  What’s next?  They finally garner a bit of courage to look up.  There’s Jesus alone.  They’re all ears, as God the Father has told them.  Listening.

How about that healing of the young boy, casting out the demon?  Pretty good!  This is turning out much better than they thought…until He tells them what they don’t want to hear.  No, Jesus.  Not that.  To die?  What?   Can’t be right.  But then…

Back to today.  I love this story–the Transfiguration of Jesus.  It tells me that those closest to the Master faltered in their faith.   They should have known better, didn’t quite get it, but still beheld all His glory and none of His condemnation.

Looking back on my life, there were many times when God was close to me.  I knew His hand was on me.  Still I cowered in fear, wondering where God was or if He cared.  How sad.  My two-faced faith.  Trusting God yet dogged by worries, all at the same time.  Like those three disciples in Matthew 17.  Not much different from us.  They saw.  They heard.  And yet…

What should WE do?  Actually nothing special.  It’s more like waking up and paying attention–‘This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.  LISTEN TO HIM.’  There it is.  Getting into our Bibles.  With Him in His Word.  Listening and waiting for what He has to say to us.  And when we mess up, as we all do, get right back to Jesus.  Talk with Him, love Him…listen to Him.  Two ears, one mouth–take the hint!

Prayer:  Lord,  we want to see more of Jesus and to listen to Him.  Amen.

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