NEED MORE RENEWAL?……. Read Matthew 19:28-30

Last time we were reflecting on those words of Jesus:  ‘…at the renewal of all things’  as recorded in Matthew 19.  Won’t that be amazing when Jesus straightens out all those messes made by all of us from the very beginning of time, from Adam and Eve onward.   Yes, ‘…the renewal of ALL things’!  Can hardly wait, especially after reading the morning news or watching depressing television.  Times have been tough for people throughout history.  Satan relishes death, decay and destruction.  He gets his ‘jollies’ from the worst things thrown our way.   But here in the Bible, God’s Word, our eternal refuge in any storm,  I notice three wonderful blessings promised to those of us who are believers, who have repented of their sins and welcomed Jesus into their hearts by faith alone.  Is that you?  If not, pray to Jesus right now accepting Him into your life repenting of all sins that He will gladly forgive and then forget.  Wow!  Who in their right mind would want to miss out on all that?  Now read those verses from Matthew 19 once again.  Three verses containing three marvelous blessings.  The first is that we’ll have the responsibilities of meaningful work.  The first of the three R’s!  Jesus talks about our judging the world, the righting of wrongs, turning right-side-up what was topsy-turvy messed-up at best.  We’ll be part of that with the responsibilities of meaningful work.  What could be better than having work we love to do.  Something meaningful and interesting.  Something that pays well and worth giving a big chunk of our life for.   What a blessing– to get up each day looking forward to that day’s work.  Something that the one who hates his work can never understand.  And Jesus promises to His followers that we’ll have meaningful,  productive, interesting and rewarding work in His kingdom. Responsibility is the first ‘R’!  Then comes rewards.  Yes, He promises that any sacrifice made for Him will be nothing compared to what He has in store for us.  Rewards await us. The second ‘R’!   He promises.  And Jesus is the ultimate promise-keeper!  It will be out of this world!  His inheritance for us is fascinating life that has absolutely no end at all.  I remember a friend of mine, who should have known better, telling me that if she was only going to float around in heaven, flapping her wings,  playing a harp sitting up on some cloud, that she’d rather pass on all that.  What?  Where does it say that in the Bible?  We’ll have wings?  Playing harps?  Being bored for all eternity?  Nowhere.  I told her so, but she still seemed unconvinced.   She’s in heaven now.  She loved  Jesus.  And I know that she’s enjoying all kinds of the best creative work she couldn’t even imagine.  Think of the best time you’ve ever had, the best work you’ve ever done, and ramp that up to eternity… and beyond!   Multiple rewards have been placed on order for you….and me!  Thank you, Lord!  But there’s more.  The third ‘R’–rearrangement surprises– are ‘a-comin’!   Jesus says that ‘many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.”  Surprising rearrangements await.  Don’t worry about your position in heaven, or getting all the recognition you deserved in this life.  Let it go!   Just to be there, in heaven, with Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit and angels and all those who have gone before us and those who will join us later…just to be with all of them with no end in sight, no good-byes, no painful separations, none ever again.  Now, that will heaven for me.  Are you with me?

Prayer:  Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have for us in Jesus Christ.  You love to give…to us.  And we are so grateful.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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