I never wanted to be a cheerleader.  Fun to watch, but looks quite dangerous.  Getting tossed in the air like a water balloon hoping you don’t get dropped and splattered all over the ground!  Today, I’m not talking about being a cheerleader for a football team.  Rather, being an encouragement to others.

It means so much to me when some of you take the time to contact me that a devotional  lifts you up in your walk with the Lord.  Makes my day.  As if the Lord is saying to me: ‘keep at it.  Write for me!’   Recently, however,  I  received five rejection notices from a devotional magazine that I’ve written for for over thirty years.  Five for five.  Batting a big, fat zero!   Why work at this?  Retired.  I have other things on my dream list.  Starting to wonder.  Maybe it’s a lot of hot air, circulating around in my hollow head!

Then, an acceptance came from a new magazine I’ve started writing for.  That letter was like a cheerleader rooting me on!  Like the Lord saying, ‘write on!  Acceptance or rejection, don’t stop now.  It’s too soon to quit’.  Thank you, Lord!

We all need encouragement.  AND– we all need to be cheerleaders for someone else.  Can you think of someone you can encourage today?  Get in touch with them.   Send a note.  Bake something.  Invite them over for a meal.  Think of something.

One of my favorite psalms is the 136th.  It’s a great song of praise to God.  Notice that the same response is given at the end of every verse.  Your translation may say, ‘His love endures forever’ (NIV) or another says ‘for His steadfast love endures forever'(ESV).  Whatever, the message is the same.  God’s love lasts forever.  His love is enduring and endearing.  Not like mine, fickle and conditional.  This is about ‘His love’.

God’s people keep repeating that phrase over and over again for every single verse of  Psalm 136.  I did some digging in the original Hebrew Bible.  Instead of six or four words in their response, there are but three.  Literally, they say, ‘forever…His love!’  In each and every one of those twenty six verses–‘forever… His love!’  Keep repeating it.  Say it again.  Like a cheerleader saying wonderful words of praise to our God and His Son Jesus.  Can never say it enough.  God never tires of hearing us praise His name.  ‘Forever…His love!’  Be a cheerleader… for Him!  A Christmas cheer for Jesus, our Lord and Savior!  ‘Forever…His love!’  Say it again…!

Prayer:  Lord, we can never praise you enough.  We love you and worship you.  In Jesus’ name.  ‘Forever…His love!’  Amen.


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