I can’t believe it.  I found myself in this psalm.  Yes, little old me!  Let me set the stage for you.  I’ve been writing this devotional book for over two years now.   I know that there are many wonderful devotional books.  I’ve used some and they have helped me to grow in the Lord.  Who needs one more?  Good question.   But none of them, not one, have my reflections, my experiences and my take on the Bible.

I want to have what the Lord means to me down in print for our kids and their kids and their kids to read about.  If they want to.  For most, I won’t be around to bug them about it.  My passion is for people knowing and growing in Jesus.  Not my family alone.  Hence, my writing what you are now reading.  How did this all begin?

My wife and I were driving across country in early 2014 (our 7th cross-country trip).  I had retired from 14 years pastoring the best little church this side of heaven!  Somewhere in  Texas, a thought popped into my pea-brain!  ‘Do more writing for me’.

I’d have to use a computer.  No doubt.  But I’m so tech-averse.   I knew who could help.  My wife Sue.   She’s tenacious.  Determined.  She figured it out.  She got it set up.  Told you I needed lots of help!

I do love to write.  But a shadow of doubt lurks in the room where I’m now writing.  Sometimes, I wonder.  Will anyone want this book?  Give it as a gift?  Use it as a doorstop!?  But wait a minute.  Just a cotton pickin’ minute!  I thought I found myself in this psalm?

I did.   And it helps.  Calms me down…for awhile.  Helps me to write more, regardless if anyone is out there.  Anybody home?!   Psalm 115: 13.  ‘…he will bless those who fear the Lord, both the small and the great’.  There it is!  The ‘small’–that’s me!  How encouraging to know that the Lord will bless the likes of me for following Him in obedience.  Knowing that but one of you has been helped by these devotionals, means the world to me.

How about you?  Feeling a bit insignificant?  Like life has let you down or passed you by?  Remember who gets mentioned first in this list of blessed people.  Yes, that’s right.  ‘…both the small and the great’.  We’re in first place in God’s plans!  Hang in there.  I will if you will. You and me… and the Lord–quite the winning team!  Being ‘BIG’ with Him is really all that matters!

Prayer:  Lord, perseverance is what we need.  Not greatness but faithfulness to you.  In your service…for others.  In His name.  Amen.

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