I hated being out of a job.  Could feel a gnawing in the pit of my stomach.  Worries flooded my mind.  I would cry out to the Lord for His help, which I desperately needed.  Guess what?  He heard me!  Was I totally aware of His help at the time?  Did I deserve it?  I only wish!

Back home in New Jersey to see family and church friends in the two churches I had served, the husband of the secretary at my second church wanted to know what I planned to do next.  Full-time ministry seemed as appealing to me as a root canal!  He drove me to see his divisional manager, where I took a test required of all new applicants for a financial planner position.  Had no idea what this was all about.  Took a test.  How did I do?   Passed their ‘social mobility’ test,  promptly offering me a job.  My head was spinning.  Things were moving way too fast.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to move back to New Jersey.  So, I promptly phoned the investment company’s local office in Western Washington.  Yes, they had an opening in my small town.  And they really needed someone!  After taking countless classes, passing state and federal licensing exams,  I started my financial planning career.  I loved it.  The Lord opened a good door for me, right after I had been booted out of a rather nasty and splintery one!

God is so gracious to us as He opens doors… and windows.  No one can shut them!   It was years later that my divisional manager told me that I had been barely hired.  Something about ‘the skin of my teeth’!  What if I had taken the test today?  Wouldn’t have been hired!  What?  I was number one in the division for over a decade, having been the number three top financial planning rookie in the nation my first year with the company.  What’s this all about?  I had scored a 70% on that ‘social mobility’ test.  Not a high score for someone in a sales-type position.  So what?  The results indicated that I was ‘distant and aloof’.  Who, little old me?!  And, to top off this nasty bit of news,  the company currently would hire no one who scored below 75%!  That’s what he meant!

Psalm 113: 7-8:  ‘He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with princes…’.   Think about it.  With the Lord’s help, the sky knows no limit.  When He opens a door, get front and center.  Head held high, looking straight at Jesus.  Then, move on in!  Test results don’t tell it all.  Not with the Lord at the helm. Tell the Lord you’re available!  Get ready!  Get set!   Go… with Jesus!

Prayer:  Lord God, thank you for being with us.  Use us as you see fit.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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