YOU NEED MY HIGH SCHOOL AWARD ALSO!…. Revelation 13:10 and 14:12

Mr. Cliff Gordon, my favorite English teacher at Millburn High School in New Jersey, gave me an award which I wondered about at the time.  He gave an award to each of his students.  Mine was the ‘Constancy’ Award.  I look upon that as quite a prize indeed.  Being loyal and steady… constant.

Think about it–that is quite the compliment.  I value being loyal and dependable.  Aren’t you glad you know people you can depend upon?  Reliable and honest?   By the way,  I read in the book of Revelation that we all need the ‘Constancy’ Award to make it through to the end.  All of us.  Thought I was the only one to receive it!  No, we all should have that award.

In Revelation, in the midst of blaspheming beasts with horns and multiple heads, waging war on the church, causing chaos to explode all over the world, there is the call ‘for the endurance and faith of the saints'(Revelation 13:10).  Looking up the Greek word for ‘endurance’, I discover that it means constancy!

‘Hupomone’!  Constant, enduring, patient(I didn’t get that award!), persevering.  To survive in this crazy world requires constancy.  Staying faithful to the Lord.  Reading His Word while heeding it.  Trusting and obeying.  Being laughed at and misunderstood, a small price to pay for staying faithful to Jesus.

There’s a second verse for today.  Revelation 14: 12–another call for ‘endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus’.  Remember, these are verses for the end times.  Every day is one day closer.  No one knows when the end will come.  No one, regardless of those false teachers, well-meaning as some may be,  who think they know exactly when.  What we do know is that whenever it will be, our only need is for constancy.  That’s all.  That’s a lot as it turns out.

To be faithful.  To risk loss for Jesus.  To be a ‘fool’ in the world’s eyes for Christ’s sake.  And when we fail Him, and let Him down by being less than we had hoped to be, we turn to Jesus for forgiveness and restoration that He so loves to give His children.

We’re not perfect.  The Lord knows all about us.  Certainly, He knows about me.  We also know that He loves to love us.  Turn back to Him and find out for yourself.  Have you earned your award?  The ‘Constancy Award’?  Then display it proudly…for it comes from God Himself!  And it never, ever runs out-of-style!

Prayer:  Lord, give us your Holy Spirit to help us be constant in our faith and witness for you in the days ahead.  In Jesus’ name.  The faithful witness.  Amen.

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