A whole psalm to read today?  It’s short, only 5 verses! To be true to the title of today’s devotional, let’s look at one verse, the fifth one– ‘For the Lord is good; His steadfast love endures forever, and His faithfulness to all generations.’   The word ‘for’ summarizes the previous four verses.  ‘Make’…’serve’…’come’…’Know’…’Enter’…’Give thanks’…Then at verse 5 we have the source of it all.  For our Lord God is good.

Full of generosity and kindness.  No pettiness with our God.  He’s good.  The Hebrew word is ‘tov’, like someone wishes you ‘mozel tov!’– ‘good luck!’.  Good luck for us is that there is absolutely no luck involved in the goodness of God.  He’s good. ‘Tov’, through and through.  It’s His character to be good to us, His children in Jesus.  Soak in His goodness today.

There’s more.   To goodness, add His steady love.  His covenant-promise to love us for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.  Like marriage vows between a man and a woman.  Love that’s more than words.  It’s backed up by actions.  His love is steady, enduring even harsh winds from His sinful people.  Lasting…when all else has disappeared.  When we are teetering and ready to collapse, His steady hand supports and keeps us standing.

Not for this moment only, but for eternity.  That’s a mighty long time!  No going-out-of-business sale with the Lord.  He’s steady, dependable, keeps His promises.  I  remember getting an award in my High School English class.  Near the end of the school year, Mr. Gordon gave out awards to each of his students.  Most very affirming… until I got mine.  Didn’t get ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ or ‘Future Farmer of America’.  I got the ‘Constancy Award’!  Was that good?  Did I need a prune shake?!   No, I was ‘steady Eddie’ to him.  He said I could be counted on.

Reliable.   Not a glamorous award.   The older I get, the more I prize people who are dependable.  So many of the church members where I serve as pastor emeritus are that, dependable and reliable.  Eager to help.  Say the word and it’s done almost before you can finish your sentence.  They all get my ‘constancy award’.

Remember that our Lord is good.  ‘Tov’!  His love is steady.   Not for today or this week alone… but forever.  To cap it all off– He’s faithful.   Loyal and dependable, not only to me and you… but to generation after generation!

Stay constant for Him…the heavenly reward will be far greater than any award you could ever get here on planet earth!

Prayer: Father, you stood by Jesus who stands by us.  In His name.  Amen.

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