I’m a treasure hunter, finding hidden gems in Bible passages.  Let’s dig a little deeper.  After the deaths of kings David and Solomon, we have a procession of 8 kings of Judah, the Southern Kingdom.  Now we come to a young boy crowned king named Joash.  He wouldn’t have made it passed his fifth birthday if it wasn’t for the wife of the High Priest Jehoiada.  Her name was Jehoshabeath, the daughter of King Jehoram.

Jehoram had killed all his brothers to secure the throne.  Jehoshabeath’s  brother was King Ahaziah, who was killed by Jehu one of Jehoram’s commanders.  With Ahaziah’s death, their mother, Athaliah, ruled as Queen of Judah by annihilating all the royal family.  This was her very own flesh and blood.  Nice lady!   Athaliah was a daughter of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel of the Northern Kingdom.  She brought the false worship of despicable Baal to Judah.  Athaliah broached no threat to her merciless reign.  Only one male child survived due to the intervention of Athaliah’s own daughter, Jehoshabeath.

This wife of the High Priest Jehoiada was tough-as-nails.  She knew her actions could result in her death and that of her family.  Nevertheless, she hid her one year old nephew in the Temple precincts for a number of years.  He was but seven when crowned  King of Judah.  This was Joash.  And this 24th chapter from 2 Chronicles makes it crystal clear that Joash had some marvelous, godly people in his life almost from birth.  They stayed with him throughout his reign until the High Priest Jehoiada died.

Listen to what it says in verse 15:  ‘but Jehoiada grew old and full of days, and died.  He was 130 years old at his death.  And they buried him in the city of David among the kings, because he had done good in Israel, and toward God and His house’.  What a tribute!  A High Priest buried with the most famous kings.  Listing his age emphasizes the Lord’s blessing.  He lived longer than many other heroes of the faith–like Sarah(127), Joseph(110), Moses(120), Aaron(110) and Joshua(110).  He was long-time faithful to Yahweh God.

But, unfortunately, when he leaves the scene, so does his godly influence.  His faith, and that of his wife, could not be inherited.  Not theirs, not ours.  Faith must be found in each person.  Faith can be influenced and shared but never inherited.  Money and possessions can be.  But not our trust in Jesus.  His claims are always individual.

I pray every day and night for all our children and grandchildren.  For friends and church members, for government leaders…that all will come to know the Lord for themselves.  There is no other way.  None.  Keep praying.  Live for Jesus yourself.  Be humble.   Be His.  And leave the rest in His loving hands!

Prayer:  Lord, we ask you to move the will of our loved ones so that they make that personal decision for Jesus Christ.  In His name.  Amen.

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