We were the fourth house constructed in ‘Campus Peak’.  There will be 90 homes when completed.  It will take a couple of years before the sounds of construction are heard no more.  As I look out my office/study window, I can see golfers whizzing around on their carts, hearing the ping of their Ping golf balls hitting evergreen trees right and left!

Weekends are particularly lovely here as all construction ceases.  No hammering, no digging post holes for the wooden fences.  No trucks delivering trusses or foundation forms.  No nailers, roofers or painters.  Peace and quiet!

Like what it says in Psalm 76: 8.  Not talking about new home communities, but of coming judgement.  And we wonder when?  God knows… and that’s all we need to know.  Forget the speculating.  Rest in His plan.  He knows all about it.  That should be enough for us.  This verse reassures us that whenever God judges the earth and this world, we’ll know it.  No doubt about it.  All the political chatter will cease.  Money-grubbing will be useless.  The sinner’s plight unveiled for what it is, rebellion against holy God.  No more arguing.  No more bargaining.  No more shading of the truth.  No more ‘spin doctors’.  Hallelujah!

Psalm 76:8– ‘…the land feared and was quiet.’  Everyone who had turned their backs on the Lord knew that they had made a terrible mistake.  They ‘feared and were quiet’.  Stopped in their own tracks

.  There will come a day when God will give to all believers His quiet and peace.   In Hebrew it’s ‘Shalom’.  The Hebrew word for ‘quiet’ is ‘shawkat’.  It means to rest and be settled, still and undisturbed with an inner confidence and peace.  Certainly not for those who willfully and knowingly reject God, but rather only for those who bow the knee to the Lord of Lords.

I’m looking forward to better days ahead.  Much better ones!  We may see dreadful days coming, but only be for a brief period.  A season whose limits are determined by the Creator Himself.  Then will come the best… His best!   ‘Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus!'(Rev. 22: 20).

Prayer:  Lord, we claim your promises of better days ahead through your Son Jesus.  In His name.  Amen.

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