WHAT A GIFT!… John 10: 22-30

What a surprise!  I never expected such a gift.  But I was not a ‘happy camper’!  One of our sons gave me a 1953 Topps baseball card for my collection.  One I had decided not to buy.  Why?  It was too pricey.  This Mickey Mantle card was way too expensive for my frugal tastes!  I had no idea I had even mentioned this card to our son.  But he took note and found one that ‘fit the bill’.  Probably a few bills at that!  He told my wife that he couldn’t wait for me to open the gift and ‘see me squirm’.  Well, I obliged!  ‘No, no, that was way too much money!’  He smiled as I squirmed in my seat at their dining room table.  That was one special gift for sure.  I guess it’s better to squirm and be uncomfortable with such a gift than to take it for granted.  Don’t want to do that, whatever the gift.

In John chapter 10, Jesus talks about giving and receiving gifts.  He says that He gives eternal life to all His followers, the ones who know Him and love Him.  A gift of life that never ends.  Life that goes on and on in heaven free of any sin and its dreaded effects.  Unencumbered…unfettered– Jesus’ gift of eternal life.  Can you imagine?  It boggles my imagination.  To be with Him would be enough, but He has more and more for us.  Gifts to give.

He lives to give.  He loves to give… to His children, to you and me.  Not only that, but Jesus says this in verse 29: ‘My father, who has given them to me…’  When I read that, probably for the umpteenth time, I had to sit back in my chair.  Did you hear what Jesus said?  You and I are the Mickey Mantle 1953 Topps baseball card to Jesus Himself!  When He looks at us, He doesn’t see only a name or a number… but a gift.  I am God the Father’s gift to His Son Jesus.  And so are you.

Should that make us squirm?  No way!  He prizes us as the very best gift anyone could ever receive.  When you realize how much He values us, how much He loves us, then you and I should go through our daily lives, no matter what happens, with a spring in our step and a lightness in our hearts.  Shouldn’t we?   I’ve got that Mantle card in a special place, safe and protected.  Like where Jesus keeps us…near to His heart.   Safe and protected… forever!

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for caring so much for us.  For prizing us as special and yours forever.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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