HELP US NAME OUR NEW HOME!… 2 Chronicles 3: 15-17

When we were in England, we noticed something we had never seen anywhere else.  Almost every house had a name posted outside on a front wall.  The 15th-century house we rented was named ‘The Old Manor House’.  Next door was ‘The Manor House’.  Then up the road was ‘The Abbey’.  On the opposite side of the street was ‘The Manse’.  You get the picture.  Naming homes was a big thing in ‘jolly-old England’!

We loved it,  wondering what we would call our new home.   Could you help us?  How about these names for starters: ‘Home, Sweet Home: Better Than We Thought’.  Maybe a tad wordy?  What about: ‘Biggest Check We Ever Wrote’?!  What bright ideas do you have?  We live in the town of Lacey.  How about ‘Lazy in Lacey’?  That’s not a good house name though somewhat realistic!

Hope you’ve read those three little verses in 2 Chronicles.  Solomon is building the Temple.  At the entrance were two pillars, tall and strong, topped with ornately decorated capitals.  These two massive pillars were named  ‘Jachin’ and ‘Boaz’.   Named like they name a house in England.  ‘Jachin’ means ‘He Establishes’.  ‘Boaz’–‘In Him is Strength’.  The word ‘named’ here in the text, being the Hebrew verb, has much passion to it.  It means to cry out from deep within your soul,  proclaiming loudly, as a town crier would do, with news for all to hear!

Special news!  The Temple is established… by the Lord!  He is our strength!  Our all in all.  Without Him…nothing.  With Him, our slightest effort, though least recognized by man, is a precious and cherished gift that we give to our Lord.  ‘Jachin’–He establishes.  He creates and organizes.  He is the foundation upon which all else is built.  ‘Boaz’–In Him we find our strength.

We can do all things through Christ our Lord.   When weak, He builds us up.  When spent, He fills us with Himself.  Don’t meekly say those Hebrew names.  Proclaim them!  Cry out!  As you approach the Temple, look up and thank the Lord for establishing Himself forever in your heart.  For being your strength and your determination.   Then walk through the portico into the Holy Place, continuing right into the Holy of Holies, where Jesus Himself will take you by the hand and introduce you to the Father, who will love you like you’ve never been loved before.  ‘Jachin’– we know for sure that all in our life is from His hand, for He has established it.  And  ‘Boaz’– He is our strength for everyday living.  Pillars in the Temple.  ‘Jachin’ and ‘Boaz’.   Good names for God’s house!  Good names, indeed!

Prayer:  Lord, we claim your name as Lord and Savior.  Jesus is the name above all names.  We live for you as our strength and our foundation.  Amen.

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