SEIZE THE DAY!… 1 Corinthians 12

I heard a story where each of us received $1440 per day, every day for the rest of our lives.  Had we won the lottery?  No!  But here’s the catch– we had to spend every dime each day or the balance would be forfeited.  Couldn’t save it.  Can’t lend it to someone who will pay us back later.  You must find ways each day to spend down that $1440.  I imagine most of us would have no trouble doing that:  shopping sprees, giving it away, supporting charities we believe in.  Spend it every day… or lose it.  What would I do with that kind of money, daily?

The story was really about the Lord giving us 1440 minutes each day.  We can’t save them, only use them.  We get a new batch the next day.   But time squandered can never be reclaimed.  1 Corinthians 12 Paul speaks of spiritual gifts.  Many gifts but one Lord.  Many avenues of service but one God.

We are all gifted by the Lord.  No one left out(1 Corinthians 12:6).  His gifts are His choice(v. 19), by His appointment(v. 28), empowered and apportioned(v. 6) according to His will(v. 11).   Here’s something really special:  His gifts(vs. 7-8)are to ALL believers(v. 6).  From God to us, through us, for others…for His honor and glory.

Only so many minutes in each day.  How do we use them?  Wisely as good stewards?  What are our gifts anyway?  I’ve wondered about that. Often confused.  What if I had none?  Maybe this one today or that tomorrow?  Are you with me?  Maybe your gift(s) is crystal clear to you.  That would be a blessing.  It’s taken me many years to sense what the Lord has gifted me with.  I used to think it was in the area of counseling.  But I wound up needing it more than helping someone else!  I love to preach.   But most of all,  sharing the Lord with someone else.

How do you know what your gift is?  Begin by following the desires of your heart.  Not for money, prestige or personal gain, but ask God to make you sensitive to His desire for your life.  Then go for it!  For many years I ignored the desire to write for Him.  Early in  my ministry,  I had many articles published.  Then nothing… for decades.  But once retired,  He ignited that kindling that had been dry for too long.

You’re reading today what the Lord has put on my heart.  I know I waste a lot of the 1440 He gives me every day.  Now less wasted and more at His service.  You too?  Your gifts known?  Acting on them?  The church needs each one of us using all His gifts.  Get busy for Him.  Use those minutes for His benefit.  Don’t say I’ll do it… do it!

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for your gifts to us.  May we use them for you.   In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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