A famous quarterback has signed a mega-million dollar contract that has been in the news forever!  Glad he signed, so I don’t have to read anymore about it!   This quarterback said that with all the questions being thrown his way, that he had to  ‘shut out the noise’.  Shove cotton in his ears!  This way he could go on with his life.

I thought that was really good advice. ‘Shut out the noise’!  Micah 4: 1-5 says that we can do something similar in our spiritual lives.  Micah has a vision of the end times, when the gentiles will join Israel in the worship of the one true God.  The God who will teach us His truth with all of us walking in His ways.  A time of peace, provision and plenty–all from God’s hands.

Micah 4:5– ‘…we will walk in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever.’  We choose to follow only Yahweh.  His name is singular, not plural.  All roads do not lead to Rome.  All religions do not lead to the true God.  Only the path of Yahweh God as revealed in the Bible.

The choice has been made–‘…but we will walk…’  Nothing forced.  No one with a sword to their heads.  Willingly.  ‘I have decided to follow Jesus’.  A ‘yes’ in our hearts.  He knocks at the door…we welcome Him in.  You don’t have to know theology.  That will come later.  We decide to follow Him ‘forsaking all others’ as in the wedding vows we take, man and woman.

It’s ‘forever and ever’, Micah says.  Not some ‘foxhole’ decision or bargain with God to get us out of some mess we’re in only to toss Him aside like some jilted lover after we get what we want.  No, this is forever.  Make sure you mean it.  That He’s what you really want– and to follow Him.

Forget about being perfect before you get started.  That’s too frustrating and unrealistic.  Don’t fall for it.  He’s perfect…and He loves us with a perfect love.  Read about Jesus in the Bible, and you’ll be convinced.  It’s not about you…but Him!

Verse 5–‘in the name of the Lord our God’.  OUR God.  Not just mine.  Ours!  We become family.  I love the family of God.  Not all equally.  Some barely at all!  But family, nevertheless!  All because of Jesus.

As the noise of this world, that increasingly hates believers and our God, grows louder and louder, start to shut out the noise.  Focus.  Be selective.  Remove the hearing aides and don’t replace the batteries!  Use some cotton!  Listen to Him. Shut out the noise!

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, that we can choose to listen to you.  You alone.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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