WHO WANTS TO DO THAT JOB?… 1 Chronicles 9: 24-34

The Book of Chronicles?   Who reads that?  Maybe the ‘prayer of Jabez’?  Yes, that’s well-known, but anything else come to mind?  Chapter 9 of 1 Chronicles contains a gem indeed.  Let me explain.

We are one of the first homes built in a community that will have ninety when complete, probably a few years away.  We see lots of work being done.  Very interesting.  Not really that noisy most of the time.  What we do notice is that minority workers are everywhere, laboring morning, noon, night, weekends and holidays.  They work hard, without many breaks, and with great skill.  These men do the grunge work, the heavy lifting, which most of us who’ve been in this country for generations no longer do.

What does this have to do with the Book of Chronicles?   There are no menial tasks with the Lord.  Do everything for Him.  That’s all we need to do.  I was a stickler at church about the hymnals and Bibles in the pew racks being in the right order.  No bulletins from previous Sundays stuffed in the hymnals.  Made sure pencils were sharpened and facing down so you didn’t poke yourself if you needed to use one, taking notes on the fabulous sermons being given!  Made sure the carpet was vacuumed in the sanctuary and fellowship hall.  After church someone would check the bathrooms to make sure they were clean, flushed and with plenty of toilet paper available.

Menial tasks?  I was never averse to doing any of them if need be, and always thanked those who did whatever, week-by-week.  Back to Chronicles–gatekeepers were also utensil counters, carefully checking what was brought into the Temple and taken out.  Supervised the furniture and holy utensils.  Managed the flour, wine, incense and spices.  Someone mixed the spices.  Others baked flat bread with some for the Sabbath.  Singers were available night and day to lift praises to the Lord.  Work done for God!

Proud to serve the King of Kings and His people no matter what was involved.  Nothing minor for One so great!  Menial is not a word in God’s vocabulary when it comes to serving Him.  No, they are all given prominent places here in our Bibles.  All remembered.  All celebrated.  Don’t ever look down on what you do for Him.  And don’t let anyone else, either!  We’re in the service of the King!  What a blessing…no matter what.  Low pay or no pay…it’s all priceless when done for Jesus.  The deferred compensation plan?  It’s heavenly…really out of this world!

Prayer:  Lord, whatever we can do for your honor and glory, we are humbled and happy to do.  In Jesus’  name.  Amen.

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