Update on last post!

Sorry, I goofed on the recent post.  I pressed the ‘publish’ button while still revising the latest blog!  And both my wife and I can’t figure out how to revise it and send it out as a completed piece.  Trying to get it right has proven to be a big frustration but next time I’ll be more careful… maybe!  Computer a huge help in editing but a big pain when, on its own!!!, it messes up!  So, here’s the revisions.   In the upper third of the piece ‘So, thanks Him’ should be…you know, you know!  Correct it yourself!  And here’s the complete ending–‘…someone useful for Him and others.  Don’t glorify the negative in life.  Glorify Him who can turn lemons into you-know-what!  Ah, lemonade…on a hot day, so soothing and refreshing.  Like all those blessings from the Lord.   Thank Him over and over again–today, tomorrow…and don’t stop there!’  (stop here)


First time this has happened, so pretty good, I’d say.  Hopefully never again…but no guarantees for sure!  Thanks for reading and allowing me into your life through this blog of mine dedicated to the Lord.  It’s good to reflect on Him out of the time He gives us in this life.  Reflectionsoutoftime.wordpress.com–why not tell someone else about it?  Thanks again…John

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