GETTING AWAY FROM IT ALL… Mark 7: 24-37; 8: 22-26

Reading through the Bible,  I take note of anything that grabs my attention.  Today, it’s two passages.  In Mark chapter 7 Jesus is trying to escape the crowds, hiding out, wanting some private time.  Verses 24 and 33–‘And (Jesus) entered a house and did not want anyone to know…’ plus ‘…and taking him(a deaf man)aside from the crowd privately…’  See what I mean?

Sometimes we need to get away from it all.  Cell phone off.  Television and radio, as well.  Quiet.  Sipping on a nice ice tea.  Cut-off from the distractions of the world.  If Jesus needed a break, guess what?  Some more than others.  I’ve known lots of people who can’t stand to be alone, who always have to have something blaring.   Personal space always filled with people and noise.

Jesus needs some private space.  Now to Mark 8, that second story.  People bring a blind man to Jesus,  begging for healing.  What does Jesus do?  Strangely, He  walks this man outside the village, actually takes him beyond the city limits.  It takes one try and then another for the blind man to be healed.

Sometimes healing takes awhile, takes more than a word or two.  Some things a whole lifetime with complete healing happening only in heaven.  The blind man and Jesus are outside the town limits.  The two of them.

Like spending time together with God.  A quiet time… outside the hubbub.  Your bedroom door closed, blocking out unwanted sounds and intruders, like kids and grandkids!  For a moment.

Jesus tells the former blind man something strange–“And he(Jesus) sent him to his home, saying,  ‘Do not even enter the village.'”  He sent him home by another route.  Like the Wise Men being warned to avoid Herod and Jerusalem…to return home by a different route.  Looks like after becoming a Christian there are places and people we need to avoid like the plague.  Not good for us.  Places where the dust will cling to us.  Dust them off, each bit.  People will drag us down, belittle us and harm the good the Lord wants to do in our lives.  Go a different route.  Don’t enter their village.  Some places, people, particular things… are poison.

I don’t know what they are for you.  Do you?  If so, then act on what you know.   These two stories are really about maintaining boundaries in our lives.  How to grow in the Lord by reducing what drains us, walking away from the tugs and grabs of the enemy that keep us frantic, upset and confused.  Find out for yourself, with Jesus’ help, what,  where and who they are in your life.  Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to act on what you now know.  That’s my prayer as well.

Prayer:  Lord, we need you to help us block out the harmful in our lives.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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