OH, IF IT WERE ONLY TRUE!… Mark 3: 13-16

In Mark chapter 3 Jesus gathers His 12 apostles, who will serve Him.  When I read this chapter,  I see something for ALL of us.  Not only for the select few!

Verse 13– Jesus chooses those whom He wants to serve Him.  He does the choosing.  Nothing about self-help or self-anything-else in these verses.  It’s about serving Him.  Got it?   It’s taken me forever to figure that out.   If I could only turn back the clock knowing as a young Christian what I know today.  I’ve been growing in Him–with lots more needed.  But God’s not done yet!

Verse 14 –Jesus Himself does the appointing.  Not the seminary.  Not the higher judicatories.  Not the church tribunals.  Nothing wrong with those.  Nevertheless,  Jesus appoints whom He wants.  I wonder who we owe our allegiance to!?

Now look carefully at what they’re appointed to?  First and foremost, to raise money?  No.  To garner bigger attendance every Sunday,  especially the Sundays right after Christmas and Easter?  No.  How about that new education annex, the ‘Fischer Education Wing’?!  No.  Mark records– ‘And He appointed the twelve…so that they might be with Him…'(verse 14).   They were appointed to be WITH Jesus.  To sit at His feet as Mary did while Martha pursued her theological kitchen education.  Nothing wrong with busy work, but above all else is the need to be with the Master.  To live by faith.  To wait on Him.  Your doctorate… at His feet.  His hands… holding yours.   Wiping every tear from your eyes.  To love and worship Him.  Oh, if that were only true.  It can be!

Be with Him.  That’s a calling for each one of us.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Verse 14 says: ‘…that He might send them out to preach’.  Being with Him means we want others to know Him as well.  Comes naturally.  Nothing forced.

To be with Jesus…to share Him with others…and then to have spiritual power from on high–‘…and to have authority to drive out demons'(verse 15).  When we’re with Jesus, sharing Him with others,  evil cannot spend all its time plaguing us.  Attacks come, as we know, more often than any of us would like, but in His name victory has the last word.

Verse 16 onward comes that long list of apostles’ names.   All named,  one after another.  Do you see your name on that list?  The expanded and updated list, I mean?  Mine’s there!  I see yours also!   We’re in this together!  With Him.  Sharing Him with others.  Finding victory in Jesus, even through the most horrendous situations and with the most obnoxious people.  Jesus calls us, all who believe in Him, all of us… by name.  By the way, welcome to the ministry of Jesus Christ!

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, we look forward to time spent with you.  Time alone…sitting at your feet.  Amen.

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