Seems like the world is always in a mess.  Worse now than ever?   When you read history, times have always been tough.  Politics always dicey and dirty.  Scientific theories come and go.  In 1977,  TIME Magazine had a warning on its cover about global cooling.  Now it’s you-know-what.  Tomorrow, global lukewarming?  Who knows?

Reading Psalm 57 adds balance to life.  David, fleeing King Saul, is holed up in a cave for safety.  Saul is out to get him.  His life hangs in the balance.  What does he do?  Check his horoscope in the Jerusalem Times?  No, he cries out to the only One who can help. Troubles plague all of us.  I remember a church that was falling apart.  I was its pastor. Horrible words were flung around like confetti after a wedding, but no happy occasion here.  Wounded hearts everywhere.  Mine was one of them.   My world, their world, turned upside down.

These were times to lean in heavily on the One we can’t see, whose presence can be sensed like the wind on our skin…felt yet not seen.  Asking for His mercy.  Knowing He’s there for us.  Putting your hand out and letting Him grab yours, drawing us ever so close.

What helped me during those times?   I would pick up an old hymnal and sing songs that I still love.  I would sing away.   To myself…in private.  Real loud sometimes as if drowning out discordant sounds of  ‘troubles and trials’.   I needed those songs.  Worries and fears felt like they were eating away at the pit of my stomach.   Needed ‘Victory in Jesus’.  Wanted to be ‘At Calvary’ for there ‘Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary’.  Lifting was what I needed most.  ‘Redeemed and so happy in Jesus’ reminded me that I had many blessings to thank God for, many undeserved kindnesses from His hands.  Cried and learned that ‘For Those Tears He Died’.  I was doing what King David did–‘I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples.  For great is your love, reaching to the heavens;  your faithfulness reaches to the skies'(Psalm 57: 9-10).

When your world is turned upside down; in time, in surprising ways, the Lord will turn it right side up!  How or when I have no idea.  That’s why we praise the Lord and not ourselves.  Whatever means you use to get close to Him, use them.  Over and over again… until the morning comes.  And it will…He promises!

Prayer:  Lord, we look to you for help.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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